silly me

Of course my unnaturally heavy, gigantanormous, high school basement flashback, eclectic, turn of the century, seemingly one-of-a-kind, forged in the fires of Mordor... front doors ... would need hinges that were seemingly impossible to find. Silly me. Why would they be held up with commonly found "earthly" metals? Why would they measure in sizes that do not require a slide rule and/or an abacus to determine? Silly me.

I needed 6 hinges and I thought the hinges were about 5" inches tall and so I spent my lunch break in the dungeon of a local hardware store laboring through a tumultuous experience that could only be described as... the search for the holy grail of hinges. And then, as if by Divine Intervention, we happened upon a few dusty boxes of these blessed connectors and just as I was about to be emotionally overjoyed at a job well done... I noticed the finely printed pencil-etched price for the box of three hinges... it said in a quiet and unassumingly devilish voice... $60.00

What? How do you get that to make sense?... Sixty? Come on... honestly.... Sixty?[Two boxes: $120.00 plus tax]

So regardless of the fact that I got them to cut the price in half and regardless of the fact that the hinges I needed would turn out to be in the neighborhood of a half an inch larger... lets just pause for a minute and question this whole process.

Why is everything so freekin expensive and WHY do I feel like this house is becoming a giant sieve that shakes me daily for loose coins, bills, pay checks, and pocket change?

In fact, the only thing it doesn't shake loose, are my creative ideas and longings for a thoughtful existence... both of which coincidently secure my return to the sieve tomorrow.