pete and repeat

So I got the automated message that said that the gas company was on its way to hook up my meter. Sweet.Simultaneously, I get a call from the electrician saying that his guy is finished at the house and that they have hooked up all the extras that I needed. Nice

I have to move my car from its expired parking spot and I decide to dip over to the house real quick to check things out.

Low and behold, I see an oddly familiar jeep parked in the driveway.

I was not fortunate enough to run into my dingbat AWOL contractor, but I did stumble upon two of his goon henchmen working on the soffit of the exterior roof.


So the gas man comes and apparently my gas rack (that the meter gets mounted on) is set to measure in inches, while it needs to be rigged to measure in pounds. OF COURSE IT DOES. SILLY ME FOR HAVING A RACK FOR INCHES OF GAS. Let’s suppose that the rack is outdated. Let’s suppose that the whole industry got revamped for the millennium. Let’s suppose that the war on terror has catalyzed the natural gas revolution ...

How do you switch from inches to pounds to measure the same thing?

I'm just curious.

Anyway, back to the henchmen. So the electrician bounces and I am closing the door and I say to Goon #1... Do you guys need anything inside, cus I'm going to lock the door? He was like nah, we're fine. Okay, are you sure? Yeah, but it's okay cus I have the key.

ah ah you don't... my friend.

What you have is a key that used to unlock the door. Not so much anymore, Goon #1.

Nice work up there, Goon #2... tell your boy to give me a call...