hot fire

So in an unprecedented display of stick-to-itiveness, Washington Gas showed up and showed some gumption in the mid-morning hours of Thursday last. They changed the rack to Pounds and then I asked if they were going to put the meter on and the guy said he's not supposed to do it, but...... WHA LA... he pops a spare meter out from under a seat cushion and wrenched that bad boy in place. Gas flowing... I'm cheesing like a school boy. So then I jet over to Dulles Airport and caught a flight out to Cali for some overdue good friends/good times, stress decompressing, and impromptu coastal scenic driving.

Shout out to Team Hoshimoto, Team Payne, and Team Prekash.

I catch the redeye back to DC yesterday morning. Whilst in route back to my office, I call my Heating and Air guy to tell him that the gas line is Good to Go!!

He shows up around lunchtime and... well... there is really no other way to say this...

we got heat.

holla at your boy.