rookie move

I have been relatively excited over the last 72hrs. Team Drywall started hanging boards at 7:00AM on Saturday and in a day and a half (18hrs exactly), they were finished. It was like watching a finely tuned automobile purring away at 75 mph. The house is completely different.

I cannot describe how impressed I was with the work these guys did and with the impact it has had on the space. The house is like a real house now. No longer a weekend-warrior-kinda-sorta almost a house, there are real walls and real dynamics of space and potential experiences.


I made a rookie move over the weekend that had me waiting 5 hrs in the emergency room at Providence Hospital(I will never again seek treatment there by the way... but that is another blog).

Long story, medium length... we ordered more sheets of drywall because the 190 original sheets were not enough. So I'm moving some of the green board up stairs and as I'm about to step into the house...

I step right on a nail.

A nice, long, bent, rusty, "I've been waiting in the rain for four weeks to get back at you for not using me in the house and now I have my vengeance", 3 inch nail...which if you subtract the 1-1/2 wood it was in and the 3/4 inch sole of my sneakers, some breathing room, and my sock...leaves you with somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/2 to 3/4 inches of nail that found a new home in my left heel.

That was not a good time.

And the worst part is that my construction boots were sitting next to my tool box at the top of the stairs. I was just too excited about the drywall to remember to change shoes.

Rookie move.