what's up with your girl?

I want to take a second give a shout out to a good friend of mine. She was the very first friend I made when I went to undergrad and has been integral to my well-rounded demeanor ever since. She was in town visiting from the west coast when I had my accident with the nail. In fact, she, along with two other tireless friends, worked all day at the house with the drywall team while I endured the rigors of the emergency room. She stayed behind at the house and worked all day.

People say the measure of a man are his deeds, some say his dreams, and yet still other wiser, more learn-ed, orators say that the measure of a man(or woman...) are their friends.

I am fortunate to consider this particular four foot eleven inch individual an integral part of that small pantheon of folks who have stayed the course and I take this time now to say thank you.