They say there is a minimum 30 day countdown from the finish of drywall to a house being habitable. There are so many nooks and crannies to be addressed. There are so many finishes to install and so many installers to manage. It is rumored to be the most difficult part of the house process. I used to say that part of being an adult is doing things that are difficult. Since then I have amended that mantra to say that part of being an adult is doing multiple things that are difficult... simultaneously.

If life came at us one obstacle at a time, it would be considerably easier. Not so much the case though.

So you do the best you can with the time you are given.

The two-man Jamaican drywall ensemble are finished with the finishing of the drywall. They taped their last joint sanded their last edge. Aside from a few last minute drywall additions, we are actually ready to paint.

You hear me?... I said..."READY TO PAINT"

That’s just crazy to me. I am going to pick up my low-VOC base coat paint tomorrow... and hopefully, I will pick up my kitchen cabinets tonight. Next week, we get the tile for the kitchen and bathrooms...it is nothing short of crazy.