Walking to my car yesterday morning, I should have read the signs. As I'm opening my car door, I look up and I see a cardinal and a blue jay next to one another. I have to imagine that this moment was significant. They were too vibrant to be a coincidence. It was a moment like ..."Look at me!!! Look at me!!"

But I proceeded to drive on, not appreciating the sign.... not sidestepping the gloomy 2-foot diameter rain cloud following my every step.

I was in a funk.

I did not want to not be in a funk. I was content in my funkiness. You see... in addition to my ongoing teeth pulling endeavors with my plumber to get my bathtubs set, my dummy contractor is back on the scene after 5 weeks of absence. He called on Wednesday to have a "talk." I met him by the house and asked my father to come as well to avoid any unfortunate situations.(I would describe my thought more explicitly, but my legal counsel has advised against harsh or violent characterizations of my intent.) Nevertheless, we meet.... he's babbling about his woulda coulda shouldas.... and I am keeping my cool. Like I said before... just get him to do the work.

A sidebar... while Dingbat is talking, I notice that he has a bright red lipstick kiss on the side of his dome. It made me want to laugh. I just kept thinking to myself that in addition to being a mediocre craftsman, a bad businessman, a loathsome individual, and a liar.... you are also a snuggle bunny.

Anyway, back to my rain cloud. So I hate the fact that this guy is at my house while I'm at work yesterday and I'm walking outside my office to my car when one of our resident local homeless guys stops me and said...

"You feeling alright, man. You have looked sad for the last two days. Don' let them steal you joy, man. They can take everything else... but don't let them steal your joy."

Sign number two

Sometimes you gotta take a deep breath and exhale all the negative vibes. Be easy. Sometimes you have to not let the madness of the world become the conflict within. Sometimes you have to stop worrying and appreciate the fact that there are conversations being had right now... between blue jays and cardinals...

...And those conversations have nothing to do with drywall.